Curriculum Vitae

ORCID 0000-0002-5156-2703 paolo.ciccarese -at- gmail -dot- com Boston, MA, USA


Since 08/19 | Technical Director, Data Engineering, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Novartis, Cambridge, USA

Since 01/11 | Co-chair of the W3C Open Annotation Community Group

Past Professional/Academic Positions

02/18-08/19 | Architect, Data Engineering, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR), Novartis, Cambridge, USA

02/15-01/18 | Principal Software and Knowledge Engineer, PerkinElmer Innovation Lab, Cambridge, USA

03/14-03/17 | Assistant Professor of Neurology (Informatics), Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Boston, USA

02/15-03/17 | Visiting Scientist, Neurology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

01/08-02/15 | Assistant in Neuroscience, Neurology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA

12/07-02/14 | Instructor of Neurology (faculty), Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

10/06-12/07 | Postdoctoral researcher in Neurology, Neurology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital

10/06-12/07 | Postdoctoral researcher in Bioinformatics, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

03/06-11/07 | Postdoctoral researcher in Biomedical Informatics, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

10/02-09/07 | Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering and Systems Science, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy

  • Object Oriented Analysis and Programming | Undergraduate 2005-07
  • Java Fundamentals | Undergraduate 2005-07
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: evidence-based clinical information systems | Undergraduate 2003-07
  • Medical Informatics: eXtended Markup Language technologies | Graduate 2003-07

Past Activities As Entrepreneur and Consultant

11/14-05/15 Data Management and Semantic Technologies Consultant Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH. Semantic technologies and information management.

01/13-02/15 Senior Information Scientist Biomedical Informatics Core, Massachusetts General Hospital. Information management and scientific social media.

01/14-06/14 Semantic Web technologies and Linked Open Data Consultant Baker Library - Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School, Cambridge MA. Assisted the Baker library staff in the definition of a roadmap for the adoption Semantic Web technologies for improving the availability and crosslinking of internally curated content with harvested public content.

12/13-05/14 Annotation technologies for education HarvardX, Harvard University, Cambridge MA. Designed and boostrapped the development of the annotation server for the HarvardX platform. Technologies: Grails, Java, Groovy, REST, Spring Security, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

01/12-03/12 Semantic Web technologies for scientific portals Consultant Fidelity Biosciences, Inc, Boston MA. Use of Semantic Web technologies for improving scientific web portals. Technologies: RDF, RDFs, OWL, Pellet reasoner, Protege, Jena and Sesame.

09/07-12/09 Principal Clinical Inf. Systems and Knowledge Management Engineer Medicognos SA, Spa, Belgium. Analysis and design of the Medicognos clinical process management platform, which has been conceived as an evolution of "The Guide Project" component-based architecture. The system has been designed to make full use of clinical decision support for quality and safety management of clinical workflows. Technologies: UML, Electronic Patient Records, Clinical Terminologies (ICD9, SNOMED), Clinical Workflow, Computerized Clinical Guidelines, Windows Workflow Foundation, OpenEHR, RDF, OWL, Pellet reasoner.

01/03-11/07 Senior Information Technology and Knowledge Management Engineer Laboratory for Medical Informatics, Department of Computer Engineering and Systems Science, University of Pavia, Italy. Development of a component-based multi-level architecture designed to integrate a formalized model of the medical knowledge contained in clinical guidelines and protocols with both workflow management systems and electronic patient record technologies. Technologies: Clinical Workflow, Electronic Patient Records, Clinical Terminologies (ICD9/ICD10, SNOMED), Eclipse, CVS, Java, Struts, Struts2, JavaScript, Prototype, Scriptacolous, jQuery, HTML, CSS, iBatis, Spring, OpenEHR, J2EE, JSP, JMS, JBoss, XML, XMLSchema, MySQL, WSDL, Web Services, User Interface Design.

09/06-11/07 Clinical Information Technology Consultant Policlinico San Matteo (research hospital), Pavia, Italy. Analysis, design and implementation of (i) the website for the Italian network for amyloidosis and (ii) of a web infrastructure for managing communication and patient data collection from a network of hospitals dealing with the rare pathology. Technologies: Eclipse, CVS, Java, iBatis, Castor, Struts2, Web Programming, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, MySQL, SQL, User Interface Design.

03/05-09/06 Knowledge and Process Management Architect Medicognos SA, Spa, Belgium. Development of a knowledge based distributed Electronic Patient Record with workflow and Decision Support capabilities. Technologies: C#, Windows Workflow Foundation, UML, Relational Databases, OpenEHR, Database Design Studio, XML, XSLT and clinical terminologies (ICD9/ICD10, SNOMED).

03/05-03/06 Principal Clinical Inf. Systems and Knowledge Management Engineer Medilogix PgmbH, Belgium. Analysis and design of the Medilogix process-based electronic patient record. Technologies: UML, Poseidon for UML, Relational Databases, OpenEHR, Database Design Studio, XML, XSLT, medical terminologies such as SNOMED and ICD9/ICD10.

2005 Founder Medicognos SA, Belgium Medicognos SA, Spa, Belgium. Medicognos clinical information systems brought the state of the art Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) models a step forward by transforming them into a distributed clinical workflow management system with built-in context-aware evidence-based decision support.

2003 Software Development Consultant Sergio Elia, Vendite e Finanziamenti Immobiliari, Milano, Italy. Design and developement of a client-server information and reporting system for a chain of real estate agencies. Technologies: Eclipse, CVS, Java, Swing, Jasper Reports, JDBC, XML, MySQL.

09/01-11/02 Clinical Information Technology Engineer Consorzio di Bioingegneria e Informatica Pavese, Pavia, Italy. Design and development of an application for formally modeling the knowledge embedded in clinical practice guidelines. Technologies: UML, Poseidon for UML, Java, Swing, Castor, ICD9, SNOMED, UMLS, Oracle Database, XML, XSLT.

2000 Software Development Consultant European Community Project MAIDS (Motorcycle Accidents in Depth Study). Design and development of the software for data exchange between data entry tools and statistical analysis tools. Technologies: C++, Borland C++, C++ Standard Library

Education & Research Visits

2006 PhD in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, University of Pavia, Italy. 2002 Italian national boards for the qualification to the profession of Engineer. 2001 Computer Science and Engineering Master Degree, University of Pavia, Italy. Score: 110/110. 1992 High School Diploma. Istituto Tecnico Commerciale (school specializing in commercial subjects and accounting), Chiavenna, Sondrio, Italy. Score: 60/60.
Research Visits
2005 Massachusettts Institute of Technology, MIT Libraries, Cambridge, MA, USA. 2004 Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford Medical Informatics, CA, USA.
Continuous Education

Mathematics for Machine Learning - Imperial College London - Coursera

2018 Jul Mathematics for Machine Learning: Multivariate Calculus,Imperial College London, UK. 2018 Jul Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra, Imperial College London, UK.
2017 Oct Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology), University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

Big Data Specialization - UC San Diego - Coursera

2016 Jan Machine Learning With Big Data, UC San Diego, USA. Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, Association Rules and K-means clustering with KNIME and Spark. 2015 Dec Introduction to Big Data Analytics, UC San Diego, USA. Hive, Pig, Splunk, Spark DataFrames, Spark SQL, Spark SQL and Hive. 2015 Nov Hadoop Platform and Application Framework, UC San Diego, USA. Hadoop HDFS, HDFS2, YARN, Map/Reduce, HBase, Spark and PySpark. 2015 Oct Introduction to Big Data, UC San Diego, USA.



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:: Erdös Number: 4 (Erdös – Leeb – Degen – Smith - Ciccarese) ::


  1. 2014 ~ Editor of the W3C Web Annotation Specification: Web Annotation Data Model. (Working Draft)
  2. 2014 ~ Contributor to IDPF Informational Document: Open Annotation in EPUB (Draft).
  3. 2013 ~ Editor of the W3C Open Annotation Community Group: Open Annotation Data Model.
  4. 2012 ~ Contributor to the Discovery Informatics Workshop final report
  5. 2012 ~ Editor of the W3C Open Annotation Community Group: Open Annotation Core Specification. (Draft)
  6. 2012 ~ Editor of the W3C Open Annotation Community Group: Open Annotation Extension Specification. (Draft)
  7. 2011 ~ Editor of the W3C Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group note: Ontology of Rhetorical Blocks (ORB). (Draft)
  8. 2009 ~ Editor of the W3C Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group note: Semantic Web Applications in Neuromedicine (SWAN) Ontology.
  9. 2009 ~ Editor of the W3C Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group note: SWAN/SIOC: Alignment Between the SWAN and SIOC Ontologies.



  • The Guide Project: A Clinical Knowledge Management Framework. PhD Thesis, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy, 2006. In English.
  • A tool for Clinical Practice Guidelines formalization. Master Thesis, University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy, 2001. In Italian


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