Seven things about me As a professional

1. I aim at enabling personal and community-driven (crowdsourced) data, information and knowledge acquisition, curation, management, sharing, use and reuse.

2. I like to deeply understand the application domain by learning from the top experts. I consider users' wisdom and feedback essential for success.

3. I favor a pragmatic approach, the simpler the better. Of course, if the solution can be elegant and generalizable even better.

4. I am hands-on, which means I architect and develop software, I design user interfaces, databases, APIs, ontologies and anything that is necessary to 'make it work'.

5. I enjoy filling the gaps methodologically and technologically when what is needed 'is not there'.

6. I usually focus on the biomedical domain but my methods and tools have been proven to be generally applicable.

7. I have a reputation for being a critical thinker and a constant learner.